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Giving Aura as a Gift?

Aura frames are the perfect gift for your family—especially grandparents. Send your gift with a surprise! Preload it with precious memories and get other family and friends to do the same. Once your recipient connects their frame to WiFi, they will see the message and photos in the app. You can even pre–enter the WiFi information for elderly relatives to ensure a hassle–free setup—all they have to do is plug in and reminisce. Every frame is shipped in a beautiful gift box with no price tag.

Not sure where to start? Use this interactive guide to ensure you’ll prepare the frame with the options that matter to you most!

Image of frame as gift

How to Prepare

Consider Where to Purchase the Frame

If you buy your frame here at auraframes.com, you can start adding photos and include a virtual gift message before the frame even ships! After you place your order, we’ll follow up with an email that includes step-by-step instructions.

Please note: you must have the frame in your possession to pre-set the WiFi network name and password. So if the person you’re gifting a frame to doesn’t have a smartphone or tablet and you need to do this step for them, be sure to ship the frame to yourself rather than directly to the recipient.

Perks of buying your frame at auraframes.com:

  • Receive a gift preparation email to start the simple process *
  • Remote gift preparation while frame ships directly to recipient *
  • Pre-set the recipient’s WiFi (remember to ship the frame to yourself first!)
  • Always free ground shipping & free returns
  • Expedited shipping available at checkout

* exclusively at auraframes.com

Aura is available for purchase in-store and online at our retail partner sites including Amazon, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Target, Costco, and more. Our retail partners allow customers to check out the frame in-person before buying, plus it’s always good to have options!

If you purchase elsewhere, you can still take advantage of all of Aura’s gift options—The only difference is that you need to ship to yourself to preload photos and invite family before gifting a frame. Once you have the frame in your possession, download the Aura app and scan the Gift Setup code on the outside of the Aura gift box. The app will take you through the easy process!

Please keep in mind, preparing the frame with gift options while it ships directly to the recipient is an auraframes.com exclusive. En savoir plus

Then, Consider Where to Ship the Frame

Purchasing on our site and shipping directly to the recipient means you can start personalizing the frame with delightful gift options. After you place your order at auraframes.com, you’ll receive an email with the subject line “Giving Aura as a gift?” Follow the steps in the email to get started.

Are you planning to pre–set the WiFi network name and password for the recipient? Then you’ll want to ship the frame to yourself first before gifting (the frame must be in front of you in order to complete this step). This is ideal for grandparents or elderly relatives who don’t have a smartphone or tablet, or maybe you just want to make the process as seamless as possible!

Once you pre–set the WiFi, you can take advantage of all the other gifting options. When the recipient receives the gift, all they’ll need to do is plug in the frame to start enjoying memories.

While you won’t have the option to pre–load photos in advance when you direct ship and buy from a retail partner, Aura frames are an incredible gift. Regardless of which purchase option you choose, as long as the frame is connected to WiFi in the recipient’s home, you can continue to add photos. They can simply download the Aura app, choose “it’s for me” in the app, and follow the easy steps to set up their frame. You can still share memories from anywhere—it’s a wonderful way to stay connected with loved ones when you can’t be there in person.

Purchasing your frame on a retail partner site and want to preload with gift options? Make sure you ship the frame to yourself first. Scan the Gift Setup Code on the back of the box and follow the steps in the Aura app to prepare your gift. If you are gifting the frame to an elderly relative—who won't have the app—you’ll get the additional option to pre–set their WiFi network before shipping to them.

  • Personalize the frame with a gift message

    Write your recipient a personal message. When they connect the frame, they’ll see your note in the app and on the frame.

  • Invite your friend and family

    Who are the photo–takers in your family? Get everyone to send their best photos to the frame.

  • Preload the frame with photos and albums

    You can load the frame with photos before giving or sending it to your recipient. When they connect the frame, they’ll be greeted by some of your most cherished memories.

  • Pre–Set WiFi

    If the recipient doesn’t have an iOS or Android device, or is inconvenienced by gadget configuration , you can pre–enter their WiFi network name and password. To do this, ship the frame to yourself and follow the prompts in the Aura app to “set up for someone else”. The recipient will just need to plug in the frame, and voila! Memories!

    Note: Please pay special attention when saving WiFi information in the app. If it’s incorrect, someone with the app needs to be present to connect the frame to WiFi in their home.

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