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The Then & Now Challenge with Aura Frames

By Aura | August 9, 2020

Who doesn’t love recreating old family photos? They’re an entertaining way to see just how much we’ve changed while creating yet another great memory to look back on with joy. And from TikTok’s #ImJustAKidChallenge to Facebook’s #10YearChallenge, these types of photo trends are popular across social media. Whether they’re heartwarming or hilarious, these side-by-side snapshots fill us with nostalgia for the years gone by. 

We invited our Aura Community to recreate their favorite childhood photos and featured them in our new Carver frame which has Intelligent Photo Pairing, a smart feature that pairs two similar photos side-by-side. Their #NowAndThen memories make us smile and we think you’ll like them too! 

Eight years later they still both fit in their mama's arms.

- Nicole

The first photo was taken in 1996 in front of an old barn on our family ranch. The second one was recently taken in front of the same barn. The horse on the left is the same in both photos (he is now 40 years old!!!).

- Matt

Our family wanted to recreate the first photo for our Christmas card for 2019. It was hilarious to get reactions back from friends on our Christmas list. Some thought it was a memorial to my husband, others thought it was a serious card. We are now being asked what we will recreate for our 2020 card. 

- Michelle