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The Gift of Memories: Share your #MOMments!

By Aura | May 7, 2020

We take thousands of photos, most of them silly candids, or seemingly unimportant moments that happen daily and you probably don’t even give a second thought about (and would certainly never put in a frame). But with Aura, our photos get resurfaced and shared with the people we care about. 

Everyday moments become favorite memories when the stories behind them get told. Embarrassing, heartwarming, or entirely bewildering - every family has unique traditions and inside jokes that only the people who share their last name will understand. 

Aura is all about connecting families through shared memories - silly or special, milestone or everyday moment. With this in mind, we asked our Aura community to share the family stories they hold close, and that keep them close to their loved ones, regardless of where they are. With Aura, distance doesn’t have to mean distant.

One frame. Millions of #MOMments

What’s a MOMment?

They’re the embarrassing, heartwarming, or oddball traditions or things your mom has done and said that make you LOL. Because it's not the picture perfect moments but the funny ones we remember that bring us closer to our moms.

Did you know that 74% of people find their mom funny? Out of those people, exactly half say it’s intentional and half say it’s unintentional! Moms are funny whether they mean to be or not. Get all the interesting stats about how memories influence happiness, and more fun facts we discovered about the science of memories in the Aura Memory Report.

#MOMments from the Aura community

This Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating our moms by remembering our favorite #MOMments and sharing these stories so the memories live on. To get us started, we invited the Aura community to send in their own #MOMments. We were touched by the powerful memories they shared.

Here are some of our favorites:

I grew up in a family of eight and we didn’t have much money, so my mom taught herself how to sew. Each year, she would buy a bolt of cheap material (usually an ugly plaid) and make rompers for the girls, and elastic waisted pants for my brother. But it didn’t end there: when you walked into our house you’d see the same fabric as curtains, a tablecloth, and fancy napkins.

— Diane

My working mom would make a whole loaf's worth of grilled cheese sandwiches and put them in the freezer, then toss them in the backseat for me and my brother each morning. When I was eight, I went to a friend’s house and ate what they called grilled cheese, but the bread was warm and the cheese oozing. I told my mom about this weird food. Her response: "Oh, that’s because they’re vegetarian."

— Annemarie

My granddaughter was a picky eater. To get her to eat, I made a meal of all green. She loved it! After that, we made meals in all different colors, which she happily devoured.

— Sue

And a few from the Aura team:

Each year, my mom would give us a choice: new couches or a family vacation. We had the same ugly plaid couches for 15 years.

— Christine

Whenever we complained about our chores, my mom would say, "Pick a number between 1 and 100. If you guess the right one, you don't have to do any chores." So we’d pick a number, and then she'd just say, "Nope! Now clean your room." I still haven't won that game.

— Tim

I’m one of four kids, so my parents rarely had time for date nights. But my mom was innovative. She made us "play kitchen," "play waiter," and "put on a talent show." This is probably why I’ve always been able to make a great cocktail.

— Rahel

An enormous thank you to everyone who took the time to share their memories with us. It brought the entire Aura team so much joy. We are so grateful for our strong and supportive Aura community, now more than ever. <3

What’s your favorite MOMment?!

Use the hashtag #MOMments to share it with us!