Our design language evolves, but our mission stays the same

By Aura | August 14, 2018

Starting earlier this year, Aura Frames set out to reenergize our brand, to strengthen the DNA that runs through everything we build. As the design lead who brings the magic of our brand to life in every touchpoint, I am humbled to introduce our new Stardust and Slate frames, the product of a hardware redesign and an evolving design language.

We created Aura to give you an elegant, seamless way to get memories from your phone into your life without the gadgety feel of most smart home products. With Stardust and Slate, we looked at everything from color trends to trends in interior design and other categories that manifested in two new frames with distinctive finishes and personalities.

Compared to our premium line-up, we’ve simplified the design, using crisp geometry that’s also distinctive and captures light in a beautiful way. A key piece of feedback we got is that a majority of our customers place their frames on a desk or counter instead of mounting them on the wall, so we adapted the aesthetics of the back of the frame to give it 360-degree visual appeal.

Internally at Aura, we call Stardust and Slate a yin and yang combination because they are different, yet complementary. Stardust is our lighter option, with color-changing properties that evoke a subtle sense of delight and match a variety of different hues. Slate has a rich, dark-blue matte finish that captures light and fits in with any home decor.

Stardust and Slate are finishes and colors that you won’t find in other tech products, and we wanted to make sure we were creating enough of a front-facing presence to make them feel like picture frames — a natural part of your home decor.

Visit our website to order a new frame today. And as we continue to evolve our brand, look out for the same superior display and technology, and more of the simple, crisp geometry of our latest line-up.