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9 Great Gift Ideas that Pair Perfectly with an Aura Frame

By Mark Condon, CEO/Founder, Shotkit | May 5, 2020

You probably know that an Aura digital photo frame makes a great gift, but did you also know there are ways to make that gift even more special? 

These 9 unique gift ideas will turn your Aura Frame into a unique, personalized gift that only you could give.

1. For Your Parents’ Wedding Anniversary

Looking for a unique wedding anniversary gift for your parents? Try gathering family photos from the time they were married to present day and create a slideshow. Your parents will be able to watch their children grow up all over again and enjoy highlights from their life together all on the Aura frame. A great gift for anniversary parties too.

2. For Grandparents

For grandparents, preload an Aura frame with recent pictures of their grandchildren before you give it to them. From there you can either upload new photos the next time you visit or the moment you take them. With the Aura frames app you can transfer photos from your phone from just about anywhere. This is an especially wonderful gift for grandparents who don’t get to see their grandchildren very often.

3. For a Child

If your child often sleeps alone, use an Aura to set up a comforting slideshow of family photos. You can include pictures of mommy, daddy, siblings, grandparents, or other favorite people. You can even include favorite toys and places your child loves. 

4. For Students

Did you know that an Aura frame can be used for more than just photos? One great use for students is to load it with flashcards of whatever subject they’re currently learning. It’s a great way to study for an exam or just add in some subliminal learning wherever they do their school work. 

5. For Comic Book Lovers

Have any comic book lovers in your life? If so, consider loading an Aura frame with the pages from a comic book (Or several comic books – Aura frames can hold 1000’s of photos.).

6. For the Literary Person in Your Life

Have a wordsmith in your life or someone who could use a little inspiration? Try loading your Aura frame with favorite poems or inspirational quotes. What a great way to wake up in the morning or go to sleep at night – with a new poem or quote on your bed stand. You can intermix them with photos too.

7. For Cooks

What pairs better than a Cabernet Sauvignon with bandage-wrapped cheddar cheese? Why, an Aura frame packed with favorite recipes for an aspiring cook of course. This is a great gift for someone graduating from culinary school, a beloved who loves to watch cooking programs on TV, or really anyone who simply loves to cook.

8. For that Special Someone

One way to celebrate that special someone in your life is to gift them a portrait session with a pro photographer. From there you can celebrate their beauty through a slideshow on an Aura frame.

You could also gift both of you a couple’s photography session. What better way to celebrate your relationship together? 

9. For smartphone lovers

Know anyone who’s addicted to taking photos using their smartphone? Viewing images on the small phone screen can be a little cramped, but viewing them on an Aura digital frame is a much nicer experience… not to mention a whole lot of fun!

If they’ve already got a case, a tripod, and every other smartphone camera accessory, perhaps it’s time that you gifted them something original instead.

Getting images to your Aura frame using the free Aura app is a cinch, and with unlimited photo storage, it’s a great way to free up some space on your smartphone too.

Aura really does make the perfect gift for your family and friends. Have other unique gift ideas on how to use Aura frames? Let us know!